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the tradition that was passed from generation to generation  

Since 1967

Asia Gems was founded as a family run business in Hong Kong in 1967 by current CEO, Shyam Nainani’ s father, Vashi Nainani. The company initially started off as emerald dealers in the first decade of operation expanding into other precious and semi-precious stones. Diamonds for trading were introduced into the company selling list of stones in the late seventies to capitalize on the then changing market.

About Me

My father, Mr. Vashi Nainani has played a major role in my life. He has proved to be a caring father, an excellent mentor and a close friend all together playing a vital role in molding me with great business ethics and sensitivity. 


I started my training back in 1984 up to 1986 by spending time with my father's close friends in India and learning all about trading Diamond’s & Emeralds. By the time I was 18, this period had trained me well by giving me the knowledge and confidence enough for me to buy diamonds on my own from the Diamond Bourse of Mumbai purchasing diamonds worth upto a Million on each monthly trip in those days.


My father’s teaching and support have helped me become the man I am today. Years of experience have helped me developed an eye for Diamond and thus with more than 35 years of experience and in depth knowledge of the Industry has made me a relative expert of the subject matter.

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